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What, six months…?

June 13th, 2015

Damn, I didn’t even post when I did the last update for DOMLauncher to 2.4.x it seems. Well I’m a busy person, so forgive me.

Just wanted to say thanks to all those are that currently using DOMLauncher and any of the DOMods! I’ve got some features I will be adding to the application (and a couple bug fixes). A couple were user requests, others, because i wanted them in the first place. I won’t say much at the moment, since I don’t want to promise anything but there should be an update to 2.5.x here in the near future. Note though, if anyone is wanting newer features for Android 5.x, I don’t have that update yet on any device I’m unable to expand into those feature sets at the moment.

Also thinking of updating the website, find a nice easy theme and see how it goes. So yea, keep a look out for the future update and some DOMods close to release! Even some possible standalone applications with a DOMod packed within.

Been quite I know…

January 11th, 2015

Well there was the 2.3 update I slipped in last month but otherwise been kinda quiet on this front.

A big note, found out that the Missed Calls/SMS, if the device does not have those services, if called, will crash DOMLauncher. I’m looking into a way to fix this, but at the moment, be warned.

For the future of DOMLauncher, we’ll see where things go. I’m sorta at my Java skill limit at the moment and my time is more invested in to two other projects. DOMLauncher was created simply because I wanted a specific UI for my phone and to do at least a minimal of specific things I wanted. I’ve achieved that, that was my goal.

Going forward, unless I can muster the time/ability, I’m openly saying that if any features are wanted, if you can bring a solution for that feature, you can be a contributing member to DOMLauncher! This is especially true with the more recent version of Android and the added features that some might want to use.

Of course I’ll continue to update the internal libraries like Crosswalk and Cordova or any issues/bugs that might arise but the feature growth of DOMLauncher will be dependent upon those that utilize this handy launcher replacement.

And yea, I’ll still throw some DOMOds out here and there.

Version 2.2.0

December 13th, 2014

New version is uploaded to the store! Remember Orientation API has changed! Read up in the Wiki to find out more.

If using the LCARS DMD 275 make sure to download the new version provided on this site.



Release Ready

December 12th, 2014

I’m looking at it right here installed on my phone, DOMLauncher 2.2.0 and works nicely!

The major bugs (like the white flash between app transitions) are now gone, thanks to the hard work of the Crosswalk team. Running smoothly with their Crosswalk 9.

There are two major things to note:

Screen Orientation & Full Screen API have been changed. The Crosswalk Project changed their Web API structure, which was awesome, works like it should. Bad part is, it is made specifically for web interaction and thus the back button would still trigger non-fullscreen status. Also could not set orientation locks without the document being in fullscreen.

Nice thing is, with Cordova also in the mix, I swapped these API hooks to Cordova plugins. Check out the Git Wiki upon market release.

This will break any DOMod currently made. I apologize on that one. For the LCARS lovers out there, I’ll update the DMD 275 when the push to market happens here within the next little bit.


Crosswalk 9 Stable

November 27th, 2014

Well it has happened! Crosswalk 9 has gone stable. This means the last remaining bugs within DOMLauncher will be solved here very soon!

I’ll be integrating the new Crosswalk here in the next day or two along with some testing. Hopefully there will be a simultaneous release of the DOMLauncher update and a brand new LCARS DOMod that most devices will be able to use without issue.

Know been a few months coming but at last!



August 15th, 2014

Just a quick update. Crosswalk 9 fixes the white flash issue totally. It is still in canary but the fix is in and will just have to wait till it goes stable. CW8 half fixes the flash (smooth transition when returning to DOMLauncher) and will fix the fullscreen plugin when it errors and no longer functions, it is in beta as mentioned before. Once stable, will update DOMLauncher to 2.2.0

DMD-275 Release and some bugs

August 14th, 2014

To get the bad out of the way, it seems that the upgrade to Crosswalk7 has thrown a bug into the mix.  Fullscreen will get locked in and untoggleable.  Crosswalk8 Beta this is fixed, same with the white flash.  We’ll just have to deal with it for the moment.  Still working on the caching issue also when swapping/refreshing DOMods.

That being said, it is going to be a few weeks.  Since I’ve got to dedicate myself to another project for a few weeks, I’m releasing the LCARS DMD-275 MARK I for all to play with!  It works fine with DOMLauncher 2.1 and is meant for fullscreen anyway.  Caching issue might require restarting the application or hitting home/back.  Issue with current version of DOMLauncher, will be updated when moving to CW8 and DOML2.2.



Youtube Preview

With that, I’ll try and make a few posts over the next few weeks while I’m busy working on the STE Project.





Update to Crosswalk7 and more!

August 9th, 2014

DOMLauncher will have a few updates here in the near future.  Mostly plugin related. Simple bug fixes and expansions.  Crosswalk will also be getting an update to version 7.  CW7 has some new fancy features, mainly Object.observe()

Just from my own experience, at times it can be a little annoying in how the Java and JS API interact. This is mainly due to not being able to do direct variable returns and instead  needing success callbacks.  Using Object.observe(), if a DMD maintains the different API states and values in an object, the Java-JS API can have a singular code interface when updating or responding to the UI.

The ‘white flash’ has been reported and is well known about. When CW8 goes stable half of the issue will be solved. When returning to DOMLauncher from an app it is a smooth transition with the UI view loaded.  Launching an app from DOMLauncher on the other hand, still produces the white flash. Am in contact with the Crosswalk Team in trying to find out if it is an issue with the webview or an issue with how the applications are launched.

The first DMD is ready to go! It isn’t perfect, especially now that the Crosswalk Team has released Crosswalk7 in stable form but would rather release this version now and update to Mark II in the near future.

That’s about all there now at the moment.

After initial release

July 27th, 2014

So not so horrible of a launch. My first app, while not perfect, is working well so far as I can tell! Hope you all are enjoying.

There was the small update to 2.0.1 for one of the plugins. Another update to 2.0.2 is on deck, small tweaks and bug fixes all around.

Working on the odd white flash when going between applications.

On a sad note, so far just changing the window location to swap out DOMods, well it isn’t initiating some of the APIs correctly. It looks like the application might have to be restarted to swap between DMDs. We shall see.

Otherwise, if you like things so far, share away. Issues, let me know and if you have a fix, fork things on Git and submit a request!

Lastly on a fancy note:

A little surprise coming up here in the next few days!


DOMLauncher 2

July 23rd, 2014

It has happened.  DOMLauncher 2.0.0 is released both on Github and Google Play.

Google Play


I’m finishing up the API changeover for the LCARS DOMod as I type here so expect a release very shortly!